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Adopting structural-functional integrated design, from CAE simulation, material design, structural design, to process design, the mechanical performance part and functional part of typical parts are formed as one, which greatly shortens manufacturing process and also reduces structural risk. The average weight reduction of structural parts is more than 40%.

Side skirts, adopting OOA molding technology to ensure the balance of appearance quality and mass pr

Side surrounds, with special lay-up process to increase the torsional rigidity of the whole vehicle.

Rear-view mirror, adopting seamless design for exterior parts, to ensure the integrity of carbon fib

Carbon fiber hood, with integrated structural and functional design, perfectly passes the HIC value

The rear wing, exterior part that provides enough downforce to ensure the stability of the vehicle d

Technology Innovation

Fast curing process brings more possibilities for mass production of composites. Fast curing prepreg produced by Cedar shortens the molding time to 1/20 of which the traditional prepreg takes on the market. The comprehensive cost of the product drops significantly with the same performance, and the competitiveness of the product is greatly enhanced.