Innovation and Development

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Technology R&D

Material development: ● Independently developed various resin base materials (passed EN45545 HL3 flame retardant standard epoxy resin).Functional materials development and research.

High-performance fiber fabrics: ●Processing of various high-performance fibers.Development of high-performance fiber fabrics suitable for different processes.

Process development: ● Have a variety of composites molding processes. Combine various molding processes to develop processes that meet clients' needs. Have rich experience in mass production and good process stability.

High-performance fiber prepreg: ●Independently developed prepreg equipments.Good fiber-spreading technology for high value-added prepreg.Able to produce prepreg of various resin systems.

Mold design: ● Capable of designing molds for various processes.Developed automated production lines for post-processing of composites products.

Product design: ● Structural and functional integrated design.Joint design and development with clients.

Intelligent Innovation

For the core strategic goal of Earth Health, Human Health, we have been focusing on high-end medical equipments, rail transportation,

industrial equipments, environmental protection and energy saving, medical rehabilitation and other fields.

We adhere to technological innovation and technology accumulation, and are committed to providing our clients with advanced composites integrated solutions.

Technology Patents

Since its establishment, Cedar has followed the frontier of science and technology, insisted on independent innovation and continuously increased investment in research and development. After years of technical experience accumulation, we have achieved many scientific research achievements. At present, Cedar has accumulated 67 authorized patents, including 21 domestic invention patents, 9 international invention patents, 36 utility model patents and 1 design patent.

  1. 21

    domestic invention patents

  2. 9

    international invention patents

  3. 36

    utility model patents

  4. 1

    design patent


It covers 6 major functions of fabrics, prepreg, product design, mold design, process development, and material development.

We are able to provide clients with technical solutions for the entire composites process, from material selection to mass production.

Brand Vision

To be the most valuable company in the field of carbon fiber composites application in China.

Social Responsibility

Making earth and human beings healthier through our carbon fiber products and services.